How do I use sterile technique to transfer samples and FastOrange solution?

All FastOrange solution and samples should be transferred utilizing sterile technique for enrichment. Prepare your workspace by clearing the area, sanitizing everything with 70% ethanol, and making sure you have all required materials in the immediate vicinity. Always use sterile pipettes and bottles. 


1. Hold your container in the updraft of a strong open flame. If using plastic bottles, avoid direct contact with the flame to avoid melting. A Bunsen burner is ideal, but an alcohol lamp may also be used. Position the flame between your working hand and the containers. 


FO sterile technique

2. Open the container with the solution to transfer at a 45 degree angle to minimize airborne contamination and hold the cap. If you must put the cap down, put it face down on a clean surface to minimize contamination from above. If using glass bottles, flame the openings by running them over the flame briefly. Do not directly flame plastic bottles or enrichment flasks. 


3. Carefully transfer the desired quantity of solution in the vicinity of the open flame by pouring solution from the original bottle to the new container. Utilize a new container with graduation for correct measurement.