How do I Run a Test Kit with the Open qPCR?

If you’re running an experiment with integrated Open qPCR software such as a Chai Coronavirus Test Kit or PIKA Test Kit, use the “Run a Test Kit” option on the home page to set up your run. For setting up qPCR experiments with custom cycling protocols, use the “Create an Experiment” option. The following workflow walks through the “Run a Test Kit” option.


Step 1: Select “Run a Test Kit” from the Open qPCR home page.


Step 2: Select the test kit manufacturer and click Next. In this example, we’re selecting Chai as the test kit manufacturer.


Step 3: Select the appropriate test kit and click Run Kit. In this example, we’re selecting the COVID-19 Surveillance Test Kit.


Step 4: Add the names of your samples as necessary. You can edit the name of your run if desired. When all relevant wells are assigned and you are ready to begin the run, select “Start Experiment”.


Then, Confirm Start.


After the run finishes, you can navigate back to the experiment and view the simple results table as well as the amplification curve which will show how your targets amplified over the course of the PCR run.