How do I export the data for my experiment?

Data is saved locally on the Open qPCR and experiments can be accessed any time by connecting to the machine. To export the data for an individual run, select the run from the home page and in the left side bar, click Export. 


This will generate a file containing CSV files for your experiment.


Amplification_data.csv includes the raw, background, and baseline subtracted fluorescence values as well as first and second derivative values gathered during the data collection step for the run for each well.

Analysis.csv includes Cq values, standard quantities (if applicable), and melting temperatures (if applicable) for each well.

Experiment.csv provides basic information including the name and date of the experiment. Melt_curve_data lists the melting temperature for the product in each well if you include a melt in the protocol for dye-based assays.

Temperature_log.csv shows the temperature of the Open qPCR lid and heat block throughout the experiment.

This data is specific to the individual experiment run and will not include information from other experiments in your Open qPCR database.