How do I enrich for the Superattenuator Yeasts Test Kit?

The Superattenuator Yeasts Test Kit detects both Diastaticus and Brettanomyces. There are two options for enrichment that differ in terms of enrichment time and sensitivity, as Brettanomyces typically requires a longer incubation time than Diastaticus to achieve single cell detection when followed by qPCR. 

To reach a limit of detection of 1 cell/sample when followed by qPCR for Diastaticus and greater sensitivity than direct qPCR for Brettanomyces, perform a single 48 hour sample enrichment using FastOrange Wild Yeast solution and proceed with analysis via qPCR.

When single cell detection for both Diastaticus and Brettanomyces is required, enrich samples separately for 72 hours in FastOrange Brett Broth for Brettanomyces and 48 hours in FastOrange Wild Yeast Broth for DiastaticusThen combine both enriched samples into a single 1.5 mL tube and proceed with analysis by qPCR.