Can I run non-Chai PCR test kits with the Open qPCR?

You can run any qPCR test kit with the Open qPCR as long as it meets the relevant technical specifications. Things to look for: 

Fluorophore detection. The Open qPCR detects the FAM fluorophore in single channel units and both FAM and HEX,VIC and JOE in dual channel units. Make sure that your test kit detects the targets in these channels. Test kits that require the use of other fluorophores for target detection such as ROX, Texas Red, or Cy5 are not compatible. 

Size of PCR tubes. The Open qPCR requires 0.1 mL low profile, optically clear PCR tube and cap strips. Tubes in other sizes such as 0.2 mL tubes can cause condensation in the PCR tubes and lead to inaccurate fluorescence measurements. If other sizes of PCR tubes are included in the test kit, you may be able to transfer your solution over to empty 0.1 mL tubes such as the Chai PCR Tube and Cap Strips and run them with the Open qPCR.